See you on the flip side… Of the world! 

Hi friends and family!

We are excited to announce we are heading out for a round the world trip! Something we have been dreaming about, but never thought possible, is become a reality!

It all began with a love for traveling together. Since we got married, we have known we just love traveling, especially when together. Traveling together has taken us to places I would never dream of, and not just geographically. We have expanded our palettes, learned so much about ourselves and God’s creation that we live in, and even been challenged and grown in our marriage.

Our “travel bug” has also been inspired by following friends we know and other travelers on social media. The Bucket List FamilyAbbi and Callen Hearne, and Bugs on My Face are just a few who we love to follow and live vicariously through their travels and experiences. Their zest for life and all the adventure that’s out there played a huge role in inspiring us to take such a leap. We have had the blessing to travel previously but we are now ready to take on another adventure!

We sat down with a big map, a calendar, a bunch of sticky notes and a huge bucket list. After making itineraries, adjusting, canceling, rebooking, and planning, we finally nailed down a (loose) itinerary! Starting August 27, we will be heading out for our 4 month tour around the globe. We will be exploring Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia!

When we sat down to begin planning, we asked ourselves what our goal was? What was the purpose? What did we expect from this? After talking about the elements we are the most excited about, we decided our goal for this trip is to experience God’s creation throughout the Earth and creativity He has given people through art, food, music and architecture, celebrating His glory!

“For from Him and through Him and for Him are all things.

To Him be the glory forever. Amen!” Romans 11:36

We’ve received such an amazing outpouring of love, fellowship, (future) birthday celebrations, support, and prayer over us, but also questions of how friends and family can follow our travels and adventures. That being said, Lamberts on the Loose is launching as a travel and lifestyle blog so others can follow along! I do not claim to be a fabulous writer or professional photographer, but I think this will be a fun way to document and share our travels. We hope you’ll join us along the way!

Much love,

The Lamberts

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